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I've always loved riding chair on a one-wheeled board, but I didn't like how I had to bring the whole beach chair setup on group rides. Sometimes I wanted to ride normal again and/or get a trick session going. Also a chair set-up can get large and up to 10 lbs, further reducing range. Not to mention not being able to travel with it..

Hence the first collapsible chair/stool setup for an electric one-wheeled board was created! Bust it out anytime you want to do chair mode, and fold it up in its built in carrying pouch and throw into your backpack when you want to ride standing up again.

Months of testing and adjustment went into this.. I wouldn't offer a product I wouldn't enjoy myself and truly be proud of! Hope you guys will join the chair life. For those who are already doing it, you'll love it even more :)

Also, I'll show you an alternative way to enjoy riding an electric one wheel: VESC. You'll see some of the engineering and performance of this badass platform. Super passionate about this movement - competition is healthy and breeds innovation!

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