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Will the chair work with any rails?

Yes! However it may not be as comfortable with 3/9s or 0/9s, aka 'tail rails' and FAFs. The chair works best with even angled rails such as classic straight or WTFs. 


Why is there no back rest?

Short answer: better comfort, more maneuverability and able to zip chair up neatly into backpack/suitcase for travel!


Long answer: most people think you need back support but it actually doesn't help too much for riding on a ow. The reason is a beach chair is meant to lean back and relax, but it makes accelerating harder because the back and seat area are sloping backwards, and over time it may get uncomfortable. With this upright chair position, it's way more comfortable and easier to maneuver! Everyone who has ridden a beach chair and has tried the Maxx Send chair prefer without back support or don't notice it, since the posture has you naturally sitting upright.


Will the chair work with a front concave footpad?

The chair is confirmed to work with the GT front concave footpad. However we recommend not to use the chair with any front sensor footpad that has a concave shape. The board may disengage at speeds less than (or greater than) 1 mph.


When will the chairs start shipping?

Pre-orders will start shipping by end of January 2023!

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