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  • Cushioned seat and back with comfy foam padding
  • Adjustable reclining straps for perfect custom angle of support
  • Durable fiberglass support rods with leather padding reinforcement
  • Hook n' loop velcro fastener strap perfectly secures seat to bleachers
  • Durable Polyester material
  • Folds together easily and a breeze to carry
  • Works awesome for other outdoor activities, ie. kayaking, canoeing and camping
  • Meets all stadium requirements for carry handles


**If you are ordering a chair together with the backrest, use promo code: MAXXSENDLFG to get 20% off the backrest**


Any orders with improperly used promo codes will not be shipped out.

Maxx Send Adjustable Backrest

SKU: 4
  • Introducing the backrest add-on accessory for the Maxx Send chair! Sturdy and adjustable back support, simply lay it on top of the chair, secure with the included velcro heavy-duty cable ties and enjoy that laid back feeling while riding. Doubles as a "tote bag-ish" to carry your chair AND a legit stadium/bench seat!


    Foldable and secured with a top velcro strap, toss it into your car or suitcase along with the chair and you're chair riding at any PEV event in the world without bringing a clunky beach chair! When not riding on your board, it serves as the perfect chillaxxing chair to watch the races, trick comps and bonfires.


    The Maxx Send skull and star logos are emblazened on both sides of the backrest. It has foam padding in both the seat and back with adjustable reclining straps. The bottom hook n' loop strap secures the seat to bleachers for those big game days. Ultra lightweight at about 1lb with dual handles so it’s super easy to carry and hold the chair inside.

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